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Bella Needs a New Home

Bella - 4 years old, fostered in Florida
Dog ID#: 180251-P-B-NC
Intake date: 2/17/18
Available for adoption: Around May 2018

Bella AKA LemonBella AKA Bellaoftheball is just about as cute as they come! This lil lemon & white gal is ADORBS! Her underbite is to die for, and because of it she has a constant smile on her face. Bella L O V E S people and craves attention. She is an active little girl and has 2 speeds - busy lil bee or couch potato extraordinaire. Bella is good with other dogs and doesn't give a hoot about cats.

Bella is the type to paw your shoulder for attention, and loves cuddling on the couch to watch tv, but only after she is served a meal or a snack. She is a food connoisseur and will gladly walk into her kennel for promised morsels or treats. Bella came into rescue emaciated and heartworm positive. We are working on getting her up to a healthy weight so she can have her treatment for Heartworms. Bella should be ready for a home of her own in late April.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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