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Scout Needs a New Home

Scout - 6 years old, fostered in Illinois
Dog ID#: 180312-P-D-KS
Intake date: 4/1/18
Available for adoption: 4/15/18

My foster family decided that I was more of an Scout than a Mork. When Iím in the house, Iím a very laid-back, gentle, and mellow guy but once Iím outside, my energy level is very high. My perfect home should have a large, fenced yard and/or access to a dog park because I just love to run and run!

My foster parents think that nobody ever took the time to train me so I have a lot to learn. Iím trying really hard but I want to focus on other things. Training treats mean nothing to me but pieces of hot dog or cheese really help me to focus a little better. I am very strong on the leash because there are just so many things out there that I want to investigate and since Iím a big boy, I can pull really hard. Someone who has training experience or who will take me for classes will really help me to learn. I want very much to please people and I just need to learn how.

I love people and Iím eager to make new friends. Sometimes I stand up on my back legs when I want to meet someone but I donít lunge. For some reason I like to stand up like that even when Iím just chilling outside. Iím learning that when I sit or stand beside my people, then I can get the attention that I want so badly. I get along fine with the other medium and large dogs at the dog park. Sometimes I play but Iím usually very focused on running around trying to find birds and squirrels. I should not go to a home with cats because I donít understand them and they upset me.

I have wonderful crate manners already. I go right in when my people say ďkennelĒ and I wait to come out when they open the crate. I like my crate and I happily sleep in it all night long. I even nap in it during the day. Right now, I canít have a soft bed in my crate because I like to shred those, along with soft toys. I like to play with tough toys, especially my Kong when my people put a little bit of peanut butter in it. I have never had an accident in the house. Iíve already figured out how to go to the door and quietly let my people know when I need to go out. I have also figured out that I really enjoy riding in the car.

I scored big points at the vetís office because I was such a good boy. I stood quietly while she cleaned out my ears, examined my eyes, looked all over my mouth and teeth, and checked over my whole body. I am so good when humans are trying to take care of me, even when Iím getting medicine or taking a bath. Most of all, I just love to sit quietly with my people for snuggles and hugs. I am such a handsome, sweet boy who is looking for an out-of-this-world home!

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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