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Jed Needs a New Home!

Jed - 10 years old, fostered in New York
Dog ID#: 181154-P-D-GA
Intake date: 6/15/18
Available for adoption: Now!

Hi, Iím Jed. I was found along a busy road in Georgia after being hit by not one, but two cars. Luckily, only an arm was dislocated. A Good Samaritan saw my plight and was compelled to hook me up with Pointer Rescue. Now Iím all fixed up, living in a foster home in New York, and loving every minute of it! It is likely that I had a hard life in my 10 years before finding my way to Pointer Rescue, but you would never guess that upon meeting me. Iím as sweet, gentle, and easy going as they come. My tail wags nonstop!

I am eager to please and very friendly with dogs and cats, but what I love most is being around people. Iíve had the opportunity to live with a couple teeny tiny humans and they are pretty great, too! At this point in my life, I am just looking for a soft place to rest and someone to send a little kindness my way. In return, Iíll be your devoted companion and content to sit beside you on the couch or lie at your feet as you go about your day. Because I am so easy and undemanding, my foster mom takes me to her office so that I can supervise her when she is working. Pointers make excellent project managers and supervisors!

Iím what youíd call a low-energy pointer. That means that I walk beautifully on leash without pulling and I have plenty of pep to enjoy neighborhood walks and hikes in the woods, but I am equally content to keep your couch warm. I also ride very nicely in the car. I enjoy human affection in the form of pats and scratches, but I am not obnoxious about demanding them. I am a distinguished gentleman and have good manners. I know how to bark, but rarely find reason to use my voice. I donít mind being crated, but can be trusted loose in the house. I know that Iím supposed to do my business outside.

A fenced yard will be best to keep me safe and give me the freedom to explore, but isnít absolutely necessary. I know where the good food and soft beds are located! My foster family has observed that I have a pretty short ďinvisibleĒ leash. Once I bond with you Iíll stick to you like glue, but I will require some training to develop 100% reliable recall.

I was recently microchipped and tested negative for heartworms. I am neutered and vaccinated and have been put on monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives and dewormed. I am well behaved for nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing and brushing.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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