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Lily Needs a New Home!

Lily - 8 years old, fostered in Washington
Dog ID#: 181301-P-B-CA
Listing Date : 6/23/19
Available Date : 7/12/19

Lilly is the name, playing all day is my game! I originally come from California, but I’m looking forward to my first Pacific Northwest winter! Foster mom says I’ll need a sweater to keep warm. I am an older gal, but I don’t let that slow me down one bit. My foster mom has me up to three miles at a time, and she says that my average pace of 9 minutes a mile is pretty good! I walk with my foster mom and PRO alum Andrew every day, and still have energy left to play fetch. I am a “pocket pointer” which means I’m very small. I weigh in at a dainty 32 pounds. My foster mom says that I am “the best of both worlds” because I act like a big dog, but take up half the space! Foster mom says that I am making fantastic progress in every way, and she tells me she’s proud of me every day!

Lilly is a ball of energy, and a ray of sunshine. She is very playful, and loves to chew up rubber balls and spit out the remnants. She also likes sitting in the backyard looking at any little wild things that may cross her path. She has a strong prey drive, so she’s kept leashed or tethered, but she doesn’t mind that one bit. She is very strong, and loves walks and runs. We’ve got her up to three fast miles per run, and she could walk all day if you wanted to take her along! She is learning leash manners very quickly and responds well to treats. She is great in the house, and can be left unattended with no accidents or incidents, for the most part. Thunder, fireworks, and other unexplained loud booms to scare her and she can be reactive, but those issues are often few and far between. She is choosy about giving cuddles, but when she’s in the mood, she’s a great lap dog. She has been a true treat to have around. She is great with other dogs, very respectful of cats, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her little body. She would be a great companion for someone who likes adventures as much as movie nights in, and she would go anywhere with anyone as long as she got a puppuccino for the ride!

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