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Roc - 12 yrs old, fostered in Virginia
Dog ID#: 181341-P-D-NC

Roc was dropped off at the shelter by his owner because he was losing his vision. He was confused at the shelter and bumping into the kennel walls, but now he is out and in a home with TLC!

Roc is reported to be a very happy boy who gets around fine despite his vision loss due to his "supersonic hearing." He's getting along great with his GSP foster sister and sticks with her to learn the ropes.

Sadly, we have learned that Roc has limited time remaining and will be living out his days being spoiled by one of our amazing volunteers.

If you would like to contribute to help Pointer Rescue care for Roc and other "Fospice" dogs like him (Fospice = Foster + Hospice) tax deductible donations are gratefully accepted here: Support Pointer Rescue

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