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Abra Needs a New Home

Abra 4 years old, located in Tennessee
Dog ID#: 181981-P-B-TN
Intake date: 11/10/18
Available for adoption: 11/24/18

Abra cadabra! Take a look into her eyes and you're under her spell. Every moment spent with Abra is magical. Although she didn't have the best start in life, she will show everyone that'll scratch her back endless affection. She's pocket sized and got that in-your-pocket personality to match. Abra wants to be your assistant- in whatever you're doing! Watch out, she may steal your heart (and your socks!).

Take Abra home with you today and let her dazzle you with her with her newly learned magic tricks including sit, stay/wait and go to kennel. Abra's performance is far from complete. She's still learning basic house manners but she's eager to please and wants to be your favorite little girl. She's already fully crate trained, house broken, does not rush out open doors and does not steal food from counter tops.

Abra is searching for an enchanted home with owners who will keep her active mind busy. She doesn't need much though! A bit of yard with lots of nice grass to play in and a few tennis balls to play fetch with are the two things on the top of her wish list. She loves other dogs, and gets along with a wide range of personalities, but should probably not be trusted with any small animals alone. She may be timid at first but with some some magic words (and treats) of encouragement, she'll instantly get her confident sparkle back. She would be great with kids, under supervision of course, as she doesn't show possessive tendencies.

Add some magic to your home by adopting Abra today!

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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