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Hank Needs a New Home

Hank - senior, fostered in Michigan
Dog ID#: 190224-P-D-KY
Intake date: 2/10/19
Available for adoption: 3/1/19

Hank was living on his own in the woods for months before coming into Pointer Rescue. He was found in very rough shape. Some good Samaritans got him much needed vet care and contacted us. He is new to living in a house, and he has had some rough treatment in the past. Now he is healthy, and happily adjusting to life indoors. Hank is a VERY loving, gentle dog that loves every person and animal he meets. He lives happily with two dogs and a cat in his foster home. When he goes out on walks, he is like the goodwill ambassador for dogs; he wants to meet and greet every dog he sees.

Hank is doing well on housebreaking, and is learning basic commands. He’ll need his new family to help him continue to learn about life in a house and show him that the humans are in charge of taking care of things, since he is used to fending for himself. He will want to climb in the refrigerator and help you forage around in there. He’s very food motivated. He’s also very resourceful about finding food and will get into the trash if he can. He walks great on a leash and loves car rides. He is just learning how to play and is starting to become happy and silly. But after his short bursts of energy, he is content to spend much of his day sleeping.

Hank has a little secret: he’s a coonhound! We thought he was a Pointer when we accepted him into rescue, but once we picked him up, we realized he is mostly coonhound. His ideal adopter will be someone who loves the coonhound personality and voice. Hank has a typical coonhound bay and can be pretty vocal at times—he barks like a sea lion when he is excited or wants something, or sometimes, just because he can. He likes to announce his presence when he goes out on his daily walks. It’s pretty cute, sometimes annoying, but all part of Hank’s big gentle personality.

Hank would love a peaceful, calm retirement home. He likes a stable, quiet routine—daily walks, an occasional run with you in nature, and lots of time on the sofa, hanging out with his big old hound dog head in your lap. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Hank.

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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