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Ronin Needs a New Home

Ronin – 5 years old, fostered in Arkansas
Dog ID#: 190463-P-D-NC
Intake date: 2/23/19
Available for adoption: 3/10/19

Ronin is a beautiful lemon and white english pointer who weighs about 65 lbs and stands about 23”. He’s very affectionate and playful, has lots of energy and a cute personality. When released from his crate in the morning he has a long stretch which looks like a deep bow and then he says “Good morning.” He’s highly food motivated but doesn’t surf counters in hopes of getting a treat. His favorite activity is chasing: balls, frisbees, squirrels, chipmunks. For this reason, he probably wouldn’t make a good companion for a cat unless the cat stood its ground. There are several female dogs who come regularly to play with Ronin and he gets along famously with them---running and chasing. Actually, any dog that will run and play is happily accepted by Ronin.

While in foster care Ronin has enjoyed regular visits with the 6-year-old granddaughter of his foster parents. Upon her arrival Ronin becomes very excited to see her and nibbles at her clothing. She is told to stand still or move slowly until he calms down. He has never snapped at her or hurt her but some may perceive this as very undesirable behavior. The child has grown up with dogs so is not fearful but if you have a highly excitable or fearful child please don’t ask Ronin to come live with you. The granddaughter loves to feed Ronin treats and he will gently take them from her hand.

Ronin is very smart and learns quickly. He is housebroken and will go sit at the door when he needs to go out. If the need is urgent, he will circle repeatedly or pace near the door. He does not engage in prolonged barking at things that move beyond the fence or at other dogs beyond the fence. However, he will bark at humans he hasn’t met.

Overall, Ronin is a happy dog with a fun personality. He will thrive in a loving home where he is given lots of attention.

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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