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Ronin Needs a New Home

Ronin – 5 years old, fostered in Arkansas
Dog ID#: 190463-P-D-NC
Intake date: 2/23/19
Available for adoption: 3/10/19

Ronin had a rough time in shelter but he has made excellent progress. He has a spunky personality loves to play and is very smart. He knows a few commands like no, down, sit, come. He seems to be house broken; he goes to door when he wants out. He is very good with people adult and children. He is very affectionate. Haven’t had him around other dogs yet. He doesn’t fight the leash. Loads up in vehicle and rides well.

Loves to eat and he will fetch a ball or frisbee. Doesn’t bark much; will bark at other dogs outside of yard and people he doesn’t know. He is a handsome fellow and is turning into a sweet well mannered fellow too. Ronin has not officially been cat tested, but he might be a little too curious and playful for non-dog savvy kitties.

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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