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Gunther Needs a New Home

Gunther Ė 5 years old, fostered in Idaho
Dog ID#: 190473-P-D-CA
Intake date: 3/16/19
Available for adoption: 3/31/19

I was found living as a stray and ended up in a super scary shelter. Luckily PRO saved me, and now Iím living in a foster home. I settled in a well. I donít jump on the counter or ďmarkĒ anything in the house. I get along with my foster siblings, even the one who is known to be ďintolerant.Ē I play practically non-stop with my pointer foster sister. She can match my energy.

When Iím not playing, I like to sleep on the bed, ideally with foster mom. I love to snuggle. I really, really love to snuggle. Foster mom says she canít figure me out, that I adore getting attention but rarely ask for it. I think Iím still getting used to the idea that I can ask for things.

Letís see, what else. Iím very calm in the car. I walk well on the leash. I learn quickly and like training so long as there are lots of yummy treats. Sometimes, when I get too much focused attention, I start to worry that I am in trouble, so foster mom keeps the training brief and positive, positive, positive.

Living in a home is the best thing ever. Foster mom says my perfect forever family is out there waiting for me. So, Iím waiting for them too.

Gunther is an extremely easy dog. He is trustworthy in the house. I can leave him loose in the house for a few hours and when I get home, he is still asleep in his dog bed. He is good with my dogs and appropriate when we meet new dogs out on walks. He loves to play and should go to a home with another dog who will play with him. I think this is a great way for him to burn off physical and mental energy. He will also need a fenced yard, and I donít think he would test a fence.

He is terrific on walks. We are working on his off-leash recall and so far, he has been really responsive.

Gunther has been around a few small children, visitors, and did well with them. He isnít especially interactive with the children, but did enjoy getting treats from them.

Gunther is a lovely and loveable dog. Whoever gets him will be very lucky indeed.

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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