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Goose Needs a New Home

Goose 1 year old, fostered in Virginia
Dog ID#: 190512-P-D-AR
Intake date: 3/4/19
Available for adoption: 3/18/19


Goose is a handsome and cuddly 1 year old pointer mix (we think with Golden), originally from Arkansas. He, along with his mother and his siblings were living outside an abandoned home, and needed rescue quickly to keep them safe. We are not certain who his dad was, but because of his looks, his dad sure was a handsome gent!

Goose is very sweet, and loves to give full body hugs. Goose is good with dog and cats, and is a total lovebug. He is working on his leash manners, as he is a little uncertain with loud city noises. Goosey is goofy and sweet, snuggly and handsome.

Some notes from his foster home:

Goose is a typical young dog who needs exercise and stimulation. He is also a big boy (around 75 lbs) and he would do best with another dog (or 2!) who is willing to run and play with him in the yard to burn off some energy. He is willing to entertain himself (see the video here: Goose Entertains Himself with Gymnastics!). He is fascinated with birds and butterflies, and squirrels are possibly the most exciting thing ever!

Perhaps due to his time abandoned, he does show some resource guarding. He eats in his crate at his foster home, and high-value treats like knucklebones need to be closely monitored with other dogs around. He freely exchanges anything he has for a cookie with his foster parents. He is very food motivated and knows sit and down, but his recall is still a work in progress. His leash walking is improving, but if he sees a squirrel, all bets are off!

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