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Tippy Needs a New Home

Tippy 2 years-old, fostered in Maine
Dog ID#: 190711-P-D-TN
Intake date: 3/24/19
Available to adopt: 4/7/19

Meet Tippy- Roo- Roo! He is a super sweet, very young (1-ish) English Pointer. He is a beautiful little lemon with a kiss spot! He is on the smaller side, weighing in at 40#...however he is is still gaining weight!

Tippy is a fun goofy puppy! Hes got energy. He loves to run around the yard while carrying any toy he chooses. He loves to play ball and is learning how to bring it back...which then turns into a game of keep away from momma LOL. Tippy gets along well with all his other foster siblings, big or small and male or female. He does prefer the ladies tho LOL. His favorite thing to do is to chase them or they chase him. He loves a good puppy wrestling match.

When Tippy arrived it was obvious he never lived in a house and so many noises and events were new to him. He is still learning to adjust to them but the vacuum is still not his favorite. He is also house broken and goes into his crate nicely. He does sleep in the big bed at night and loves to snuggle. Tippy is still very young and does like to chew, so lots of toys needed to keep him occupied. Tippy is still learning basic commands and will need some more training with this but is eager to please! Hes good on leash, however does get startled from time to time with all the noises and new experiences but quickly adjusts.

Tippy Roo Roo has come so far since he came to us at the end of March. Hes turning into a fine young man! He is a pleasure to be around and to watch him as he discovers the goodness of love & life. Anyone or family would be lucky to have him as a FURever member of their family!

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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