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Maddie Needs a New Home

Maddie - 3 years old, fostered in Washington
Dog ID#: 190743-P-B-OK
Intake date: 5/5/19
Available for adoption: 5/19/19

This is Maddie checking in! Iím a happy 3 year-old female, born in Oklahoma and now living with my foster family, in Washington State. I started off learning to be a field trial dog, but Iím deaf and my owners didnít have the resources to work with me so they asked PRO to help find me a new home where I can thrive. Iím a pretty wild and crazy girl with a lot of energy, but my foster family are helping me figure out how to be a good citizen indoors. Thereís so much to learn, but I am making progress and weíre working on hand signals so that we can communicate. Iím currently living with two other Pointers and a couple of humans Ė the dogs are OK and I enjoy playing with them, but the humans are my real favorites! I love being with my humans!

Maddie is a very sweet and energetic 3 year old. She is spayed, up-to-date on shots and has been microchipped. She has not been cat-tested but does well with other dogs and is good around children. She is crate trained and is learning basic indoor skills. Because of her significant energy level and her deafness she will need an adopter able to provide an environment where she can receive the training appropriate for a deaf dog along with the exercise that she needs Ė could you be that special person?

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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