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Jiggy Needs a New Home

Jiggy - 1-2 yrs old, fostered in Maine
Dog ID#: 191213-P-D-FL
Intake Date: 8/18/2019
Available for adoption: 9/8/19

Jiggy, Jiggy, Jiggy!! What a cool long legged drink of water!! Jiggy is the ultimate “whatever” dog! Car rides, laundry, yard work he’s like “Let’s roll!” He is down for whatever you’re doing if he can do it with you! He’s the dog that lives life in his own world and by his own schedule. He is great with kids, and dogs of all ages. Not so sure about cats. At some point he has had some training, but we are refocusing on the basics and reinforcing his recall. There are some boundary issues, but he’s getting the idea of hanging back when asked. We have had no issues on the lead, he is a big boy and our 8yr old human can walk him with minimal issues. He has been out off lead and feel he isn’t a runner, he will wander but is easy to call back. He’s laid back and likes to watch the world spin!

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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