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Bradley Needs a New Home

Bradley - 4 years old, fostered in Idaho
Dog ID#: 191694-P-D-CA
Intake Date: 7/24/19
Available for adoption: 8/10/19

Iím Bradley and Iím a big hunk of clingy love. Foster mom says I could be described as ďVelcro.Ē I think thatís the cheese that comes in a can, and it is one of my favorite things, so maybe she is right.

I was in a very scary shelter in CA for an eternity, officially 2 months. There was one person I liked in the shelter, and now that I have a foster mom, she is the one person I like. I havenít been around very many people in my life, and the ones I was around werenít always nice to me. I am scared of new people; Iíll bark and try to run away. If Iím on a leash with foster mom or in a crate and foster mom is in the room, then I feel safe, and Iím OK with new people. Iím making progress in this area. I even took a few treats from the other lady who walks with us all the time.

Now on to the things that I like. I love playing with my foster sister, and if foster brother tries to get involved, I ignore him or play with him a little, but he is kind of a jerk. I like to carry things around in my mouth. I like to patrol the backyard in case any small birds or chipmunks try to invade. I love car rides. I love snuggling and getting patted. I love going on walks and I am really good and obedient on a leash. Iím also good off-leash. Since Iím so attached to foster mom, I donít usually let her get too far away from me.

Foster mom calls me Super-Duper Bradley Cooper because she says I am that good and that handsome.

Bradley is a calm, playful, loving goofball. He is afraid of new people and will need time to learn that people can be kind, friendly and safe. Given this sort of time and slow training, he will mature into a devoted and easy companion.

He is very smart, learns quickly, and definitely wants to please. He is extremely athletic and would make a great running or hiking companion. He is quiet and good in the house with great house manners. Bradley is a very loving and attaching sort of dog. He will do best in a home where he isnít left alone for long periods of time. Also no small children, just because they can be extra scary to dogs. Bradley is good with other dogs, sometimes playing and sometimes ignoring or avoiding. He currently lives with 5 dogs and hasnít had a single issue.

Bradley is already a dreamboat in so many ways, has tons of potential and will grow into an all-around delightful companion.

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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