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Lil Needs a New Home

Lil - 7 years old, fostered in Pennsylvania
Dog ID#: 191771-P-B-NC
Intake Date: 8/4/19
Available for adoption: 8/18/19

Hi, my name is Lil, or as my foster parents call me Lilly Lou. I grew up living in a home in North Carolina but after one of my people passed away the other got really sick and could no longer care for me. I was dropped off at a crowded shelter in the mountains of North Carolina. I wasnít really a big fan of being in the shelter and that is when Pointer Rescue Org showed up and I left with my foster parents. I had a long road trip from North Carolina to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where Iím now learning about lots of new things and am excited to find my new forever home. I am a very happy girl that LOVES to be around people and snuggle them on the couch. Every person I have seen I have wanted to meet. The same goes for dogs of all sizes. I enjoy soft, comfortable dog beds where I can get some sun but donít really like laying outside in the hot sun. Iím not too sure about a lot of dog toys but I really like the soft, fuzzy ones that I can chew on. I get along with the other dog in the house but Iím not a big fan of playing rough. Just laying around and being close to each other is OK with me. My foster parents tell me I walk well on a leash and donít pull and if I do I know to slow down to let them catch up. I know how to sit, especially if you have some yummy treats for me and will come when called. I LOVE Food and Treats and love to be in the kitchen anytime there is food being cooked. I was told Iím not the best sous chef but Iím probably the cutest one. I do like to check out whatís on the kitchen counter but if you tell me Off I will sadly get off the counter. I enjoy going for walks and hiking but so far I donít like going into any water but I do enjoy a good mud bath. In my dream home I would be the only dog or have a brother or sister that is just as relaxed as me. Iím a good sleeper and will gladly sleep all night in my kennel unless there is a thunder storm. Iím not sure about those and if we have one I like to be under the covers in bed with my foster family. If you are looking for a relaxed, sweet southern girl, look no further!

Lil is a mostly white English Pointer with some tan spots. She is around 6-7 years old, up to date on all of her shots (none due until July of 2020), spayed, microchipped, and tested negative for heartworms. She is on monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventative and has been strategically dewormed. She does well with ear cleanings and brushing but needs some coaxing to get a bath and would do best with a groomer or vet trimming her nails.

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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