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Dakota Needs a New Home

Dakota - 10 years old, fostered in Tennessee
Dog ID#: 191811-P-B-GA
Intake Date: 8/10/19
Available for adoption: 8/24/19

Dakota is a very sweet older lady. She Loves to go on walks. Doesn’t bother with the indoor cat at all & tries her best to bark at the outdoor cats in the neighborhood. She has a cute little old lady bark. She gets along great with the other 2 dogs at her foster home. She walks really good on leash either clipped to the collar or to her harness. Though she tries to pull a little more on her harness than on her collar. She Loves humans, LOVES Humans!! She’s a little ornery with stairs. They don’t seem to bother her when she climbs them, but she’ll only climb them when she wants to, or if led with a treat. She enjoys time spent at the dog park as well.

A perfect day for Dakota would be to go for a couple leisurely walks, sleep, eat all her yummy food. She’s a funny, simple lady that’s pretty easy to please.

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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