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Cassie needs a home near Naperville, IL

Cassie is a 7 month old, spayed female, liver and white. She has all her shots and is heartworm negative. Cassie is available through ADOPT of Naperville, IL for $150. They are not willing to ship her. You can contact croyalj@megsinet.net for more information. Here is what her foster family has to say about her: Cassie is delightful, energetic, and smart. After she got to run and use up some of her youthful energy, she became more relaxed in the house and no longer flys over the couch arms and lands on who ever happens to be there. She has smoothed out, though she can still irritate other dogs with her boundless energy. She comes quickly to a whistle, is playful, but willing to learn. She is housebroken, though we do let the dogs out a lot, and she is still crated when we are gone or in bed. When she needs to go out, she runs from door to door. She likes other dogs and also enjoys toys of every kind. So far she knows the difference between toys and shoes and books, etc. She fetches some, although she is not always consistent about it. We have a cat, and Cassie is curious, but friendly toward it. She is what we call a half-lap dog. She really likes to be in your lap, but sine there isn't room in some chairs, she likes putting the front half of her body in your lap.

Updated on 2/22/00 by Stephanie Smith, e-mail: stephanie.smith@pointerrescue.org