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(Original submission by Roni, with Twyla's Friends Dog Rescue in Kingwood, Texas [near Houston] and updated by foster home, Diane -- not affiliated with Pointer Rescue):

We have a young (maybe 2 yrs.) female english Pointer, "Gracie," on the smaller side, heartworm free, has had pups at one time, white and liver.

Gracie is full of energy, points at everything, loves her food, her crate, and other dogs. She's as sweet as can be. She checks the trees & bushes for anything that might need pointing at and barks when its not her turn to be outside. Gracie is probably not suitable for a home with young children because she is so boisterous. Her 2 speeds are 100 MPH & 0 and she can sleep through anything if she's tired enough!

She would be fine with other dogs. She is a little frightened of cats (will not chase them), but might be okay with 1 or 2 cats. She does chase chickens, however.

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Updated 12/27/99 by KC, e-mail: kc@pointerrescue.org