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"Emma's" Young Life Was Saved

(This information provided in part by Lauren Unger, with King George Animal Rescue League, VA -- not affiliated with PRO)

This was the original message from Lauren:

"In our local shelter, there is a female black/white pointer(small), about 1 year old. Her last day to live is tomorrow, and she is certainly a wonderful dog who does not deserve to be put down. She loves children and other people, and seems to be good with other dogs, because she was in a pen with a husky and a doxie-mix. I was wondering if there was any information that you could give me about saving this this dear little pointer girl."

The good news is that one of our PRO volunteers, Rich, was able to work with King George Animal Rescue League to get this sweet dog out of the shelter and to his home for fostering. The best news is that "Emma" won the hearts of her new foster family, and has now become a permanent resident, along with Rich and Mary's other Pointer and Labrador. Emma now has a terrific home... may all our rescues be so lucky!

Uploaded on 5/23/99 by KC, e-mail: kc.shore@pointerrescue.org