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Annie found a good home

Annie was found by in July by her foster family. She is about 2 years old, liver and white, intact, has her shots and is heartworm negative. Annie is housebroken and crate trained, and has been taught sit and no. She likes to chew and will dig if bored or neglected. She is good with other dogs, jumps on people, and climbs on furniture/counters, which could be remedied with some obedience training.

An update from the foster home (11/99): "We found Annie in our neighborhood as a stray in mid-July. She was extremely skinny and hungry.

Annie is an absolutely sweet dog. She is starved for human affection. We spend time with her and it's not enough. She will not leave our sides when we are about the house with her or outside doing chores. She also puts her paw on you for affection (in a gentle shake-like manner). For example, she insists on watching me do the dishes, so she sits behind me and suddenly her head is hanging because she's fallen asleep sitting up, sometimes even standing.

Annie is very interested in birds and other flying things like bees, flies, moths, butterflies. She chases them all and tries to catch them. We took her to a field and she started rooting around in the brush and then she started running large circles in the field. She flushed out a dove and when if flew off she chased it. She runs incredibly fast--faster than our Border Collie mix dog. Then she ran back to the spot where she flushed the dove out and started running more large circles in the general area, I guess to see what else she could flush out. She is also very interested in small critters like squirrels and we think she caught a roof rat (gross) in our backyard.

Annie tolerates other dogs. Our dogs are less than patient with her, but she has never been the aggressor. She's never been aggressive with us, or other people.

Annie has an incredible physique. She is solid muscle with barely any fat and she's very chiseled looking. She eats a ton of food and drinks a lot of water and has a lot of energy. She is most unruly with the feet up on the counters when she's knows it's time to eat.

We have her crate trained. She is perfect in the crate and does not make a sound or fuss from 1030 pm -7 am. She's been crate trained since August. Annie likes routine. She knows when it is breakfast, dinner time and bed time. We say "bedtime" and hold up a cookie and she runs straight to her crate. In the morning when we let her out of the crate, she runs straight to the back door, does her business and starts dancing for breakfast.

She doesn't really bark. She lets out a few when other dogs come too close to our backyard. She lets out an occasional howl when emergency vehicles go by.

She's come a long way since we've had her. She used to put her head and paw on my husband's lap and fall asleep, but now she's almost putting 3/4 of her body on him and falling asleep. It's really cute. She also likes to rub her head on you affectionately and bury her head in the crook of your elbow."

If you are interested in Annie, please contact Renee Burke-Brown at 2renee@airmail.net.

Updated on 3/31/00 by Stephanie Smith, e-mail: stephanie.smith@pointerrescue.org