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ADOPTED! Flacko has Flair

Flacko is a 3 year old, liver & white, neutered male. He is currently being housed at a non-kill shelter in the state of Delaware, where he has been since December 1998. Flacko was brought to the shelter by a woman who found him on Interstate 95! He was skin and bones...hence his name, “Flacko” (Spanish for skinny). Since then, he has been well-fed and has “fattened” up nicely. Flacko is healthy, current on his vaccinations and is on a heartworm preventative.

Staff at the shelter report Flacko loves to chase birds through the exercise fields and will often stare into the trees where the birds are nesting. Flacko has a play “buddy” who he enjoys romping through the fields with. Shelter staff report they have not seen Flacko demonstrate aggression towards other dogs, but he does NOT like cats. Flacko knows how to sit, enjoys playing with balls.

Flacko was adopted by a family who unfortunately had to return him to the shelter because a family member suffered severe allergic reactions. The family reported that while he was with them, Flacko was affectionate, gentle with the children (ages 2, 3 and 7), playful, friendly, and active. He also enjoyed settling for quiet time. He handled the family’s noisy household very well and was visitor-friendly. He exercised in a yard that was fenced with a 4’ cyclone fence and did not attempt to escape. While with the family, Flacko spent his nights in the master bed. During periods of no supervision, Flacko willingly spent his time in a crate. The family also reported that Flacko was house-broken and had no “accidents” while with them.

Not completely comfortable with thunderstorms, shelter staff have observed Flacko curl up on his bed during heavy boomers and ride out the storm with just a little shakiness. He does NOT, however, enjoy car rides, and a family member would often ride in the car’s back seat to comfort him during the ride.

If you would like more information about Flacko, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the shelter that is fostering Flacko.

Uploaded on 4/28/99 by Nancy Alcorn, e-mail: Nancy.Alcorn@pointerrescue.org