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[ed. note: Rob died while in foster care after he, his brother, and a Husky pup were all bitten by a poisonous snake. Rob's brother Roy and the Husky both survived, though Roy suffered severe swelling. We send our condolences to Rob's foster home for their loss]

Rob was brought into a vet's office with a sibling. Both had mange and the owner wanted them put down. He was saved by the vet tech, who has treated the mange and gotten the dog healthy again. He also has all his shots, but is intact. He is black and white, male, approximately 5 months old, very intelligent, loves children and other dogs, and likes to bark at cats. He points at anything that moves. Note that this is a referral, not a PRO dog. If you are interested, please contact Michelle Heist at ratpkken@aol.com.

Uploaded on 8/3/99 by Stephanie Smith, e-mail: stephanie.smith@pointerrescue.org