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Tom is a survivor and in a wonderful new home!

It was the last Friday in January, during a rare ice storm in Ft. Worth, Texas when a car accident ended in a fatality for the driver. In the confusion that followed, the lone passenger got away from the tangled mess and started to run. Saturday, frightened and alone, that same survivor of Friday's wreckage ran in front of a car and was hit. But that's not the end of the story, rather it's the beginning. "Tom," as he now is called, was rushed to an emergency clinic and diagnosed with a broken right femur. He needed immediate surgery but didn't have any money, any insurance, and no one to care for him any longer. Tom, after all, is a dog -- and it is believed that his owner was the one who passed away in the fatal crash, leaving Tom on his own in this world. As luck would have it, the clinic staff made a search to locate a canine rescue organization that might be able to assist with helping this poor dog to recover his physical and mental health. They could tell that Tom is a purebred Pointer -- a type of hunting dog. That's when they contacted PointerRescue.Org, Inc. Tom was fostered after his leg was operated on. Unfortunately, his leg didn't heal correctly. He was send to Ohio to stay with another foster home where he could be seen by a specialist. That specialist operated again, and this time the leg healed. Tom can run and play again, dispite a slight limp. Tom is 3-4 years old, neutered, current on all shots, and heartworm negative. He is crate trained and housebroken, and gets along well with both adults and children. Tom also gets along with dogs and cats, but is not good with chickens and rabbits. We believe Tom is green broke, and he loves to hunt. The sight of a gun sends him into spasms of joy. Tom is not gunshy, but he is afraid of thunderstorms. Tom does jump fences, and will chew through even the strongest chain link to hunt if he is left outside alone. He needs quite a bit of exercise, but must be kept on lead unless he is in a safe area because he will not listen and will run out in the road. This dog needs to be with someone who is willing to keep him inside as a pet, but will also take him hunting regularly. If you are interested in Tom, please fill out an adoption application and our adoption coordinator will contact you in a few days. Please remember we are all volunteers and are doing this in our "spare" time, so be patient with us.

Uploaded by Stephanie Smith, e-mail: stephanie.smith@pointerrescue.org