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Hannah has been adopted

Hannah is a 2 -year-old orange bitch who showed up on small Texas ranch. The foster home believed she was dumped and took her in immediately. Hannah was still lactating when she arrived and it appeared that she had probably just weaned a litter or pups. The whereabouts of the pups is unknown.

Hannah was in very good help for a dumped dog, especially one who had recently weaned a litter! She was covered in ticks and had worms, but a trip to the vet took care of all that. In just days, her parasites were gone and she was 100% livelier. She has settled in well at her new home and doesn't seem to have any problems with cats or other dogs. She can hold her own with other dogs because of her size, but she does not appear to be aggressive. She is a big dog, weighing about 57 lbs. She is also strong and muscular, maybe even a touch overweight.

Hannah is current on all her shots and is on a monthly heartworm preventative. She will be spayed before adoption, and this surgery will probably take place around mid-May, due to the fact that it must wait until her milk has dried up and the glands gone down in size. The vet says he is amazed at her stamina and feels she's of solid construction!

Hannah is very birdy! It is unclear at this point whether or not she has had any field training or experience. She has found every type of bird at the foster home and even the hummingbirds do not escape her attention. She has shown a special interest in the quail that reside in the nearby pasture.

If you are interested in Hannah, contact Carrie Sablone, the PRO adoption coordinator, at enigmakennels@mindspring.com and she will put you in touch with the foster home.

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