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ADOPTED! Abby - Cuddling Professional

Abby was found in a shelter in Maryland.

Abby has been spayed and is up to date on all of her shots.

Abby is crate-trained, comes when called, and is being housebroken and obedience trained. So far she knows her name, sit, and stay. She is eager to please and easily trained.

Abby is affectionate and seems to enjoy the company of children and other dogs. She is a bright dog, and likes to observe new situations for a few minutes before deciding to join in. Once she meets you, she loves with her whole heart and tries her best to please at all times. She enjoys each person she meets, and particularly enjoys being snuggled and will sit quietly for long periods of time with whoever is home at her foster home.

Abby enjoys playing with balls and chewing bones.

If you would like to learn more about Abby and how she can become part of your family, contact Tammy Albee and she will be happy to fill you in!!

Uploaded on 3/26/99 by Tammy Albee, e-mail: JTACorwyn@aol.com