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Freebie Found A Loving Home

Freebie is a 1 year old, liver & white, unspayed female. She is currently living with Mari Iffland in Southern Illinois. Mari found this young girl, undernourished and shivering from the cold, under her porch in November. Mari describes Freebie as shy and submissive. "It takes her a while to warm up to people," says Mari. She feels Freebie would thrive in a home that can provide patience, love and a soft touch. Freebie won't take treats from Mari's hand but will "play" to get Mari to put the treats on the ground

Mari has been nursing Freebie back to health since her arrival. She says Freebie appears to be very smart and would probably do well in obedience (Mari has 20 years experience in dogs)

Freebie loves to play outside but doesn't understand what a toy is. She likes to keep Mari company when she's mowing her three acres and will often chase and point butterflies.

If you're interested in learning more about Freebie, please contact me, Nancy Alcorn, and I will put you in touch with Mari. Oh, when asked about Freebie's name, Mari jokingly says "it's short for Freeloader, of course!"

Uploaded on 7/8/99 by Nancy Alcorn, e-mail: nancy.alcorn@pointerrescue.org