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Ginger - Will Spice Up Your Life

Ginger is a one year old, black and white female, who was found wandering by the side of the road in southern New Jersey. Jenny, her foster mother, took pity of her and took her home. She saw the vet the very next day and was given vaccinations, tested for heartworm, and started on heartworm preventative. Ginger was very skinny. So skinny, in fact, that her foster mother thought she was a greyhound from a distance! She has since been nursed back to health and has gained a whopping THREE POUNDS, now topping the scales at approximately 36 pounds!!! Her ribs and hip bones no longer stick out and her spirit has increased tremendously. She does appear to have a calcification on one of her ribs, which could indicate a previous break, but other than that, she's in perfect health.

Ginger has come a long way since she was taken into her foster home. She is almost 100% housebroken and should have it down pat by the time she goes to a new home. She has learned to walk on a leash, "sit" and "down", and responds to her name. Her foster mother indicates she does not leave the yard and comes right away when called. I witnessed this when I went to meet Ginger.

Ginger gets along well with children, having met children ages 3 and up. She likes to cuddle in bed, chew her doggie toys, and visit the family cat, which she seems to be wary of. The cat was sitting on a chair when I visited Ginger and other than a quick "hello", she did not once bother the cat.

Ginger didn't bark when I visited and she greeted me with a wonderful tail wag. She also draped herself across my lap for lots of scratching! I would say that she doesn't have a problem with strangers! She does like to jump on the couch and, when she's excited, she likes to jump on people. But with a little more training, this behavior can be corrected

Ginger's foster family would love to keep her; however, since she came into season approximately three weeks ago, she stopped getting along with the other dogs in the house. This can probably be attributed to hormones and Ginger will be spayed before she's placed.

If you're interested in giving Ginger the wonderful home she deserves, please contact me and I will put you in touch with her foster family.

Updated on 2/5/00 by Nancy Alcorn, e-mail: nancy.alcorn@pointerrescue.org