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"Charlie" - Cheerful & Exuberant

Charlie is a four year old, lemon & white Pointer. He is neutered, current on all his vaccinations, and is very healthy, according to his vet.

Charlie is currently being fostered in Illinois, where he lives with at least six other dogs and a cat, which he gets along well with. His foster mom reports he has "two speeds." While outside with the other dogs, Charlie goes "full blast" - playfully running about the yard. He switches to "off" when he's inside the house and enjoys curling up on the couch while snuggling with people, dogs or a stuffed teddy bear.

While he enjoys frequent outings to a local movie theater, turning on the charm as he meets people, Charlie is sensitive to loud noises. His foster mom reports he his afraid of rowdy children, odd noises, and yelling. Mom feels Charlie would be happiest in a quiet home where he would receive lots of love and affection and wouldn't have to compete for his owner's attention.

If he thinks he's done something wrong, Charlie will hide in a corner until he is reassuringly coaxed out. Charlie is wary of the unknown and he willingly goes in his crate when he has to be left alone . He is house trained and will bark to go outside if he can't get attention with his paw. Charlie is quiet in the house and is also crate trained. If you'd like more information about Charlie, please contact me and I will put you in touch with his foster family.

Uploaded on 4/6/99 by Nancy Alcorn, e-mail: Nancy.Alcorn@pointerrescue.org