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Bandit - a quiet, older dog (6 years old)
would like a family

Bandit is about six years old. He was found as a stray and is currently in the Ocean County Shelter in New Jersey (732-657-8086). This is a very nice shelter that takes the dogs to a local flea market on the weekends.

The shelter says Bandit is very friendly, and is quiet and calm. He is not neutered yet but the shelter will probably have this done before letting him go.

Ray, from the shelter, adds the following:
"He's kind of hyper when you approach his run -- but when you open the gate, he calmly lets you put a leash on him. Bandit is a dream to walk, doesn't pull at all. Didn't respond to "sit". However, when given the command "don't sit", he immediately continued standing! Bandit is very affectionate, but not physical (doesn't jump all over you). Don't know if he's house trained. I have a feeling Bandit would be okay with men, women or kids. Took him into the cat room. He seemed fascinated but not aggressive."

Bandit is up to date on all his vaccinations and ready for a new home.

If you are interested in this dog, please e-mail Pntrpwr@aol.com and speak with Nancy Alcorn, or call the shelter directly.

Updated on 6/8/99 by Ocean County Shelter, NJ, e-mail: pntrpwr@aol.com