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Toby found a family to love

Toby was turned in to a shelter in Vernon, Texas when he was about 5-months-old. He was starving, only 15 lb. and 12" tall at the time. He came to our home as a foster dog in October, 1999 and fit right in. He is a liver and white, neutered 11-month-old. He is very active, but also very loving. He has gotten along very well with my other dogs--not too submissive, but knows his place in the pack with my other four dogs. He is curious and friendly with people. Toby does NOT get along well with cats! He has a very strong prey drive and loves to watch our cat run. Unfortunately, the cat is not crazy about this and I would not recommend Toby for a house with a cat.

He is a quick learner and will benefit greatly from completing basic obedience with any new owner. Toby has not shown any hunting instinct at this time. However, we are in a 3-year-drought where I live, and there really aren't many birds to point at right now. I have two feeders in the back yard, just trying to attract a sparrow or two and they stay full--very unusual for this time of year. Of course, four dogs in the yard is probably a deterrent (said smiling). Just the same, I would not call him a hunting dog at this stage.

Toby is housebroken and crate trained. He is current on his shots and on a monthly heartworm preventative. Out local vet has given him a clean bill of health. Due to his poor nutrition prior to being taken into the shelter, he is not expected to be a big male, but he is still growing, and is at least up to average bitch size right now. He is a handsome boy! He is a valued member of our household, but would do even better if he had a home of his own where he could get more attention and slaver his affection on his very own family!

If you are interested in more information, please contact Jeannette at potteraj@hsutx.edu

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