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Duncan - Found an Understanding Home

Duncan is a lemon and white, neutered male, approximately 2 years old. He was rescued from a shelter in southern New Jersey, where he had been for almost four weeks. Duncan is residing with one of our volunteers in Cecil County, Maryland, where he has been neutered, wormed, vaccinated, and gained weight.

Duncan appears to have been beaten badly. He shakes, quivers, and drops to the floor if you try to touch his hindquarters or put pressure on them to make him sit. He does like to be talked to and cuddled though and would flourish in a loving household.

Duncan is clean in his kennel, which is a good indicator that he is housebroken. He gets along well with other dogs, and doesn't seem to mind the cats that walk past his kennel on a daily basis.

Duncan jumped right in a crate when I picked him up from the shelter, which probably indicates he knows about crates and car rides.

Photos of Duncan are forthcoming. If you're interested in helping Duncan find the home he so desperately needs, please contact me by clicking my name below or Jeanne Deeming at jeanne.deeming@pointerrescue.org. We will be very glad to help you meet Duncan.

Updated 2/2/00 by Nancy Alcorn, e-mail: nancy.alcorn@pointerrescue.org