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Wonderful Young Rescue Desperately Seeking Family

Copper is a ten month old neutered male, Lemon and white, who grew up in an apartment in a city and was exercised in a yard with a 4 foot fence. Although he does not jump he will dig and should not be left unattended in a fenced area. I think invsible fencing would be PERFECT for this dog as he won't be able to dig under :-) He is a perfect gentleman in the house. Impeccably housetrained, settles well and is happy with either the couch or a dog bed - although he prefers the couch he is very responsive to being asked to get off. He loves to chew on his toys and he does carry shoes around, but prefers to chew on bones. He would be great bird dog or a family pet. he has had no formal training, but we are working on the recall and he is nearly perfect on that!!!! He is also being crated and although he whines a bit for attention if you ignore him he settles right down.

Picture will be forthcoming...

He is currently being fostered in Delaware with PRO volunteer Jeanne -- she can be reached at EPOINTER@aol.com

Uploaded on 5/8/99 by Maggie Platt, e-mail: penzancepointers@mindspring.com