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Another Saved from a Certain Death

Milton is a very handsome liver and white boy who was shipped from Missouri to Massachusetts to avoid euthanasia. He is crate trained and doing very well on house training -- we had one accident and caught it and have had none since. He is neuterd, heartworm negative and fully vaccinated. He is great with other dogs and learning to be good with cats. However, Milton would probably do better in a no-cat household, or with a dog-savvy cat as he has not attempted to hurt the cats but does chase them around the house and is improving on leaving them alone.

This guy appears to have a very strong pointing instinct and some basics in obedience, every leash check brings him right to a sit in heel position. I have not been able to put him on birds, but he heard some a few days ago in a field near my house and was very intent on finding them. He does not appear to have been harshly trained, but perhaps lost on a hunt??? I think he might cover a few miles easily if he was off leash, unless he has some serious "recall" (COME) work.

He is a bit underweight, but improving. He has not attempted to dig or jump his way out of my six foot fenced yard. He can, however, jump from a stand still straight over a baby gate or up onto the porch railing...seen him do it...WHAT AN AGILITY DOG HE WOULD BE!!! He is an angel in his crate and would make a great family pet and certaintly appears to have the potential to hunt!

Please consider him or the other young boy we have in Massachusetts at this time!

Uploaded on 10/6/99 by Maggie Platt, e-mail: Maggie.Platt@Pointerrescue.org