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Sam found a new home

Sam is a 2 year old liver and white male pointer who needs a new home. He has all his shots, is neutered, and heartworm negative. He has a very good temperment, is good with kids and other dogs, especially with male dogs. He ignores cats. His bad habits (as told by the family that turned him in) are that he climbs fences and is destructive. This is usually due to a lack of exercise (a tired pointer is a good pointer!) Sam is afraid of loud noises.

The following is from Sam's new foster mom, Judy:
"Sam came into my life a few weeks ago at the request of PRO. I drove about 5 hours and picked him up from a kind lady that bailed him out of an animal shelter in Tuscaloosa Alabama. The first time I saw him he was huddled down outside a rest stop trying hard to disappear next to his rescue lady. It was raining and thundering, he was afraid, yet so trusting of this woman. I took him by his lead to my van, then into an extra large crate for the ride home. He slept all the way home. I am sure the Pointer guardian angel in charge of Sam took a break as well. She very well may have come to his dreams. Because from that moment on, he became a very trusting loving and willing dog. He looked at me with knowing grateful eyes. He was lost, now he is found and he knows it. He thanks me with every look from his big brown eyes.

The ideal home for Sam would be one with an electric perimeter yard; or with someone who would take him for long walks to do his business. He gets excited and occasionally jumps the fence to go and about.

He likes to hunt but is afraid of the gun sound. I think the reason he may not like guns... he has what appears to me to be shot gun pellets/bird shot in one ear. Two very hard round bumps under the skin. Cannot see it, only feel it.

He is very smart and learns almost everything the first time. He needs someone that can come close to matching the love he has to give. He has a puppy zest for life, so will need someone that understands Pointers. He does not have a mean bone in his body. Yet he barks when he does not know the person approaching my house.

Sam has a beautiful Pointer head. He is all white with liver markings on his face and one spot.

Other than jumping my fence twice he has not done one think wrong. If I did not have three large dogs in my small yard I would want to keep him.

But I know in my heart that Sam's angel knows how special he is. She's letting him bless my life while she waits for that home to become available."

For more information on Sam, please contact PRO adoption coordinator Carrie at carrie.sablone@pointerrescue.org.

Updated on 7/5/00 by Carrie, e-mail: carrie.sablone@pointerrescue.org