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Dexter - Ready & Waiting for a New Home!!!

Dexter is a one year old, liver & white, neutered male. He was rescued from a shelter in Southern New Jersey and was fostered in upstate New York.

While at his foster home, Dexter's exuberance for life grew in leaps and bounds. He learned to play with other dogs and formed a bond with the kitten of the house. Dexter enjoyed playing ball and running with his playmates.

Dexter is current on his vaccinations, including rabies. He enjoys walks and playing in the park, where he gets to meet lots of people and other dogs. While Dexter is very good with children of all ages, he would be happiest in a home with older children who can run and play with him.

Dexter is very afraid of loud noises and traffic and would enjoy living in a rural setting, where he would be able to explore without having to listen to "city noises". Because Dexter is a quick learner, he would like to attend obedience classes with his new owners.

If you would like more information about Dexter, please contact me.

Uploaded on 4/16/99 by nancy alcorn, e-mail: nancy.alcorn@pointerrescue.org