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Add a Little "Sparky" to Your Life!

Once you meet him, you'll know that Sparky is aptly named! This very handsome 3 year old fellow definitely has a spark for life! He can be timid at first, but after he gets to know you he is quite loving and affectionate. has been involved with Rover Rehab (a program in which shelter dogs come to live with, and be trained by, prison inmates) since March 2003. The prison environment is full of stimulation -- people, sounds, smells -- and it gets a bit overwhelming for Sparky at times. While he might be nervous walking through a common room full of inmates, he is happy and content in the cell he shares with his two handlers. Despite his distractibility, he's progressing nicely with his basic obedience commands! (Everything we do is on-leash.) To see him outside is to see that spark really come to life! We have play time after our weekly training classes, and Sparky loves that part the best! He absolutely loves running freely through the yard, and plays very well with the other Rover Rehab dogs. The only thing that can distract him from play time is a bird flying overhead! We believe that when Sparky finds that special person (or family) who is experienced with dogs and can give him the love, time, and patience he deserves, he will flourish before their eyes!

Sparky stands approximately 23" - 24" tall at the shoulders, and weighs approximately 55 - 60 pounds. He has been neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and fitted with a Home Again microchip ID.

If you think Sparky is right for you, fill out a PRO adoption application and one of our adoption coordiantors will contact you.

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards