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Birdie Girl

Colt is a 2 year old, black and white Pointer. This poor girl was a bag of bones when she got to her foster home, but she has managed to put on about 6 lbs. She now weighs 45.5 lbs and could still stand to gain a couple more. This is honestly the worlds BEST dog! She has a submissive personality and she had no problems with our "alpha" Frenchie. She gets along with everyone, a little shy at first, but not fearful at all. She would do wonderful in a home that has one or more dogs because she loves to play. She is great with small, medium, and large dogs (she just loves her foster home's Boxer). She walks well on a leash (no pulling) and enjoys our walks around the neighborhood. Did I mention she loves to ride in the car? She is a perfect lady when traveling in the car and enjoys watching the world go by in the convertible. This little gem is crate trained and we've had no problems with the potty training. I wouldn't say she's 100% when it comes to it only because when we leave she goes in her crate (no free roam at this point), but no accidents since she's been with us. She is a very quiet Pointer. She has a very endearing soft howl, but to hear this from her is rare. She is not a barker so she could live in a condo or apartment as long as she got enough exercise. She has been very good with the resident cats (3 Persians) and has paid them little attention at all. Her only fault when it comes to the cats is that she will bark at them a couple of times if they come by her crate.

Like I mentioned before that she has no problem hanging out with them in the house. She does fine when the dogs walk by her sleeping crate. She has no issues with food or toy aggression when it comes to animals or people. We are currently working basic obedience commands like sit, shake, come, and stay. No issues with chewing inappropriate household items. This girl loves to play, but she is also content to just curl up and relax. She is up to date on her shots, heartworm negative and was recently spayed.

If you would like to give Colt the loving permanent home she deserves, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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