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Note that we consider all information listed on our Website about any dog to be "as is, where is, with all faults." We do not guarantee any information that appears on our Website, including comments regarding health, temperament, behavior and/or suitability for any purpose. Information provided through our Website is simply offered in the spirit of helping Pointers in need!

Even though an available dog might not be located near your home, PRO will make every effort to help with transportation arrangements. PRO's assistance is applicable only to dogs adopted directly from us. PRO will try to facilitate transportation to the adopter's home by attempting to locate volunteers to aid in transportation. This volunteer transportation may or may not be possible. The adopter is responsible for the costs associated with transporting the dog from its present location to the adopter's home if commercial means are utilized.

AND A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you contact a shelter or foster home directly and decide to adopt a dog, PLEASE consider sending a donation to us at PRO... we depend on donations to care for the dogs that come through our hands, assist with transportation of dogs to new homes, contact and assist potential adoptive homes, advertise dogs for adoption here and in print media, sponsor educational and rescue events, etc.  All monetary donations are gratefully accepted at:

PointerRescue.Org, Inc.
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Please read our Pointer Information page as a guide before you decide to adopt a Pointer.

If there are not many dogs below, it is not because there are not more in need. It is because we only have that many foster homes available. If you are looking to adopt, please fill in a form even if you do not see a dog that interests you, and please consider fostering.

Pointers being fostered through PRO:
Star, Black & White, Female, 1 y.o., SC
Jaycee, Liver & White, Female, 10 y.o., FL
Andrew, Black & White, Male, 3 y.o., CO
Sally, Orange & White, Female, 10 y.o., PA
Rhett, Lemon & White, Male, 7 y.o., VA
Frankenstein, Black & White, Male, 7 m.o., NC
Caddy, Liver & White, Male, 3 y.o., KY
Clint, Liver & White, Male, 6 m.o., FL
Sadie, Liver & White, Female, 1 m.o., OH
Lola, Liver & White, Female, 1 m.o., OH
Clover, Black & White, Female, 1 m.o., OH
Emi, Black & White, Female, 1 m.o., OH
Otis, Black & White, Male, 1 m.o., OH
Anseis, Liver & White, Male, 1 m.o., OH
Rider, Liver & White, Male, 1 m.o., OH
Loki, Liver & White, Male, 1 m.o., OH
Buster, Liver & White, Male, 1 m.o., OH
Grady, Black & White, Male, 1 m.o., OH
Black, Black & White, Female, 5 y.o., NJ
Red, Liver & White, Female, Adult y.o., PA
Rusty, Lemon & White, Male, 5 y.o., FL
Denali, Orange & White, Male, 5 y.o., VA
Waylon, Orange & White, Male, 3 y.o., ME
Dusty, Liver & White, Male, 5 y.o., KY
Taylor, Liver & White, Female, 2 y.o., FL
Libby, Liver & White, Female, 3 y.o., KY
Coffee, Black & White, Female, 3 y.o., FL
Bogie, Black & White, Male, 3 y.o., NY
Hemi, Black & White, Female, 3 y.o., NY
Garnet, Liver & White, Female, 8 y.o., OH
Zeus, Liver & White, Male, 4 y.o., NY
Murphy, Black & White, Male, 2 y.o., FL
Judy, Lemon & White, Female, 12 y.o., MI
Huck, Lemon & White, Male, 10 m.o., IL
Lexie, Liver & White, Female, 1-2 y.o., NY
Iris, Black & White, Female, 3 y.o., NY
Lady, Black & White, Female, 10 y.o., OH
Carson, Lemon & White, Male, 2 y.o., OH
Dodger, Orange & White, Male, 3-4 y.o., KY
Quinn, Black & White, Female, 2 y.o., NY
Bella, Lemon & White, Female, 4 y.o., FL

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